From time to time I have done public writing, much of it critical or analytical in nature, for pop culture websites. I think it is vital for critical scholars to contribute to popular criticism.

What you will find here is a collection of public writing, most of which was published with external editorial oversight. I have also posted a few essays from my Medium website. I have tried to group this collection thematically and offer additional context where helpful.


If anything posted here violates your copyright, please notify me at the email below.

Fantasia at 80, in Four Movements. (originally published at The Solute) - 2020

Video Games

Reflections on Bioshock, Ten Years Later (originally published at Racketboy) - 2015

"Together Retro" Blurbs (2012-2015)
(originally published as part of a monthly series at Racketboy)

Transitions: A Launch Games/End Games Blog (2010-2013)
(originally published as part of an ongoing series at RFGeneration)

How to Beat 400 Games in 4.5 Years (published at Kotaku) - 2014

"Yard Sale Gaming" Reviews (2011-2012)
(originally published in short-lived zine Yard Sale Gaming)

Pedagogy|Higher Education

Teaching About Prison in Prison Part One| Part Two|Part Three 2017