From time to time I have done public writing, much of it critical or analytical in nature, for pop culture websites. I think it is vital for critical scholars to contribute to popular criticism.

What you will find here is a collection of public writing, most of which was published with external editorial oversight. I have also posted a few essays from my Medium website. I have tried to group this collection thematically and offer additional context where helpful.


Fantasia at 80, in Four Movements. (originally published at The Solute) - 2020

Pedagogy|Higher Education

Teaching About Prison in Prison Part One| Part Two|Part Three 2017

Video Games

Reflections on Bioshock, Ten Years Later (originally published at Racketboy) - 2015

How to Beat 400 Games in 4.5 Years (published at Kotaku) - 2014

"Together Retro" Blurbs (2012-2015)
(originally published as part of a monthly series at Racketboy)

"Yard Sale Gaming" Reviews (2011-2012)
(originally published in short-lived zine Yard Sale Gaming)

Transitions: A Launch Games/End Games Blog (2010-2013)
(originally published as part of an ongoing series at RFGeneration)


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