My scholarship brings rhetorical and critical theory to bear on the analysis of new media texts and technologies. I have published research about video games, politics, public memory, social media, hacktivism, and a range of other subjects.

What you will find here is a collection of some of my academic writing that has been published, presented, or previously shared. Most items have links. I have tried to group this work thematically and offer context where helpful, though you can also find a chronological list of scholarship in the linked CV above.

Video Games

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"Game Studies' Elephant in the Room" -- New Media & Society 2020

“Considering Unity: Towards a Greater Integration of Video Games in Education" - STEAM Convention 2019

"Porting Game Studies Research to Virtual Reality" - New Media & Society 2016

Thinking About Video Games: Interviews With the Experts - Indiana University Press 2015

“Playing Torture: A Comparative Analysis of U.S. Military Interrogation Policies and Interactive Interrogation in War-based Video Games" - Games of Late Modernity 2014

"Does Game Studies Have 'Complete Confidence in its Own Legitimacy?'” - New Media & Society 2014

"Public Memory and Gamer Identity: Retrogaming as NostalgiaJournal of Games Criticism 2014

"Book Review: Korea’s Online Gaming Empire by Dal Yong Jin" New Media & Society 2013

"Collective Memory and Digital Aesthetics: Redefining Democracy in God of War, 300, and HBO's Rome." Visible Memories Conference 2008

"Public Memory and Video Game Culture: In-Game Re-Presentations of Gaming History." Popular Culture Association 2008

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Digital Rhetoric & Politics

[with Barbara Warnick] Rhetoric online: The Politics of New Media (2nd ed) Peter Lang 2012

[with A. Turnage] “Theorizing the Fantasy-Meme” Rhetoric Society of America 2012

“Promises, Contradictions, and Misconceptions: Barack Obama and the Rhetoric of Legitimacy” National Communication Association 2010

"Review: Hacking: Digital Media and Technological Determinism by Tim Jordan" New Media & Society 2010"

Review: Always Already New: Media, History, & the Data of Culture by Lisa Gitelman." Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies 2009

entries for "Cyberpunk;" "Graphic Novel;" "Television;" "Virtuality." Encyclopedia of Gender in Media 2012

"Hacking Sarah Palin: Towards an Ethics of Hacktivism in Electoral Politics" Eastern Communication Association 2008

"Jean Baudrillard and the Critique of Digital Rhetoric" Engaging Baudrillard Conference 2006

"Searching Something Awful: Gleaning Meaning from Leetspeak" National Communication Association 2004

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Once More, With Feeling: Sustaining Community through Affective Scholarship Keynote Address, Pennsylvania Communication Association Annual Conference, 2023

The Pandemic Nature Project: Autoethnography, Incongruity, and Environment. Proceedings of the 2022 International Symposium on Autoethnography and Narrative 2022

[with J. Petre and A. La Valley] Fostering organizational integrity through departmental program reviews. Journal of the Association for Communication Administration 2018

“Writing About Teaching About Prison in Prison” Eastern Communication Association 2018

[with A. Wheeler] "Jim Thorpe: The Man, His Namesake Town, and the Cruel Erasure of Both" National Communication Association 2016

Sheena, queen of the jungle. Icons of the American Comic Book: From Captain America to Wonder Woman 2013

"Carousels and Death: The Construction of Mixed Memories at Knoebels Amusement Park's Museum of Mining" Eastern Communication Association 2010

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